MDA & 8 Kinds of fun

A game I used to play was Lego Marvel Superheroes. The mechanics of the game included a large open world with many buildings, npcs, vehicles, missions, and characters. The open world allowed the players the dynamics of doing a lot of things in the game and to be creative. For example, players could play hide and seek with dynamics of running around, driving cars, and using weapons. This created the aesthetic of fellowship and competition. The players can also choose from many different superhero characters which leads to fantasy and expressions of their identity or not. The characters could fly around and blow up things which you can’t do in real life. Also, players could go on missions to unlock new parts of the game using the challenge aesthetic. The open world of the game allowed players to have this arena to have fun and do anything they could think about which made it exciting in the fantasy and discovery aesthetics.

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