MDA & 8 Kinds of Fun – Fibbage

My favorite party game is Fibbage, from Jackbox Games. The general gameplay of Fibbage is as follows:
1) An incomplete surprising fact is displayed. For example: “In 2020, the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky was a ______.”
2) Individually, players use their phones complete the fact by submitting intentionally wrong answers that are as believable as possible.
3) Once all answers are submitted, players see all the answers submitted (anonymously) and select the one they think is the truth. After everyone has voted, points are distributed to players who successfully fooled the competitors and to those who guessed the correct answer.

I really enjoy Fibbage because there are multiple ways to play it depending on what kind of group dynamic you want to create. If you are playing it at a family reunion, you can play by the book and submit legitimate, family-friendly answers solely to trick your relatives. This is always a blast because it makes you feel very clever while also giving everyone something to do before/after Thanksgiving dinner. It brings the party together without requiring a lot of effort from any one person. However, if everyone is comfortable, another way to play is to submit more funny, personalized answers that poke fun at specific players. Personally, I like to play like this way because it gives everyone a chance to be a comedian and make their friends laugh. To me, the point of Fibbage is to force people to make funny decisions between seemingly unlikely answers. In their most recent game-pack, Jackbox Games actually sought to capitalize on this second dynamic, introducing a new game mode where players answer questions about themselves to generate the facts you see throughout the game. This game-mode is very personal and super fun to play with close friends because everyone leaves a better friend than they started!

Also, in case you’re curious, Wilbur Beast, a French bulldog, was elected mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky in November 2020 with 13,143 votes (the highest winning total ever) out of a total of 22,985 (also the highest total ever for a Rabbit Hash election).

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