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Heyo, I’m Nicholas (he/him).

My favorite game of all time would probably Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. I played this excessively as a kid without any knowledge of the Final Fantasy series, but everything from the charming storybook art style to the card collection mechanics drew me in and still draws me in to this day. I think I might be able call this the first CCG/TCG that I have played and it has formed the basis for my love of the genre.

A recent game that I have enjoyed playing is Phantom Rose, a deckbuilding roguelike that takes a bit of a twist on the original formula, allowing the player to have all of their cards available at once but limited by cooldown instead of draws. I had followed this game for a bit when it came out and had poor reviews due to its unbalanced central mechanics, but with it’s overhaul of the primary mechanics, it has become quite an enjoyable experience.

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