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Hi everyone! My name is Jiwon, and my pronouns are he/him.

My favorite game (series) of all time is Pokemon. Perhaps largely due to its significance on my childhood and the nostalgic feelings it brings to me, but I still to this day can sit down and enjoy playing Pokemon Ruby on my Gameboy Advance. I loved being able to assemble a dream team of Pokemon that could cover as many types as possible, and I loved how the effort you put into raising your Pokemon was manifested in the form of higher levels and higher stats. I also love how deep the rabbit-hole goes in terms of things you can do to maximize a Pokemon’s stats, such as IVs, EV training, natures, etc. But most of all, it brings back memories of playing Pokemon with my dad and my brother that are really important to me and I very much cherish.

Recently, I started playing Minecraft again with a few friends. This was a game I also played during my childhood, and it’s only grown since 2012 with all of its new features that keep the essence of the game intact but add new and interesting dimensions to the game. I love the creativity it allows for, as you can truly do whatever you want in your world, but I also love that there are now more guided and structured tasks that a player can/needs to accomplish to get further in the game compared to the way the game used to be several years ago. I also appreciate how much more fun Minecraft can be when playing with friends, which is something I did less of when I was younger and played mostly by myself. With friends, you share a world together, you can collaborate by sharing resources, and you can work together to advance further and further into the game. Overall, to me it stands as a timeless classic that won’t ever get old no matter how old you are.

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