Hello everyone, I’m Umar! My favorite game of all time is actually not a traditional “game” in the sense of an analog or digital game, but rather a sport: baseball. While it is currently not the game I play or watch the most, some of my favorite childhood memories and friendships were made through my years playing baseball, and so I always associate the sport with those great feelings of joy when I was younger! A recent game I really enjoyed is Avalon, a medieval-themed social strategy role-playing game in which there are a group of  evil “Minions of Mordred” who try to deceive “loyal servants of Arthur” while the loyal servants (who do not know the roles of anyone outside of themselves), must essentially try to figure out who is who in the game. I really enjoy playing Avalon because the social strategies, deception, and believability factors that you have to navigate throughout the game really do make for some fun exchanges and interactions with the people you are playing with! Like baseball when I was younger, it’s allowed me to connect with friends and make some pretty cool memories.

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