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Hi! My name is Diya (she/her) and my favorite game of all time has to be Fashion Story. I used to play it when I was younger, and I was hooked on it. It was a game where players could run their own virtual fashion stores, naming, designing, and stocking it themselves. In addition to taking care of your own store, you could visit other people’s stores and tip them and leave kind comments on their quote boards. You got revenue from customers, but also mostly from tips from visitors. With more revenue, you could invest in cooler decór and expand your store. I liked it because it was continuous and felt like an extension of real life, and I could meet virtual friends and take on the exciting responsibility of owning a fashion outlet which a lot of young girls dream of.

A recent game I played and enjoyed is Jenga. It’s a fun stress buster and icebreaker and it’s exciting because the stakes are high.

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