Jasmine Steele – Mindmap: Working With System Dynamics

Clout Chasers’ main loop has players roll to determine a trend; equip items to improve their chances of success; attempt to grow their influence by creating content; play actions to increase their chances of success, help another player, or sabotage another player; draw back to a full hand; and start again. Each round is an arc consisting of those steps and resulting in a changed game state in the form of tiles on the gameboard being claimed or changing hands, and the entire game forms one large arc in which the initially clear gameboard has its different areas dominated by different players (and the players build a narrative around the ways their followings are growing). The items of value in the game are gameboard tiles (metaphorically representing influence in a given social media sphere), which are exchangeable between players and have changing values depending on the current trend; items, which permanently improve players’ ability to claim tiles; and actions, which temporarily modify players’ ability to claim tiles.

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