P4: Refine a Game – Overgrowth🌲☀️🌲☀️🌲

Designers: Shana Hadi, Annie Nguyen, Kyle Nguyen, Ji Hong Ni

Our P4: Overgrowth documentation directly builds on our P3: Overgrowth documentation, which is why this presentation begins on Slide 45. You can begin on Slide 1 to review our base game, or navigate to our Slides directly (link to our P4 Slides) 🙂


Main Revisions Since P3 (original P3 blog post here)

  • New “Overgrowth” Mechanic: The new mechanic improves the richness of the game’s system modeling and makes player decisions more complex.
  • Rules Improvements: Additions and modifications to the rulebook significantly improved players’ onboarding experience.
  • Visual Cohesion and Packaging: Refinements to our game’s visual design, including a mass-market box mockup (and an “artisanal version”), brought the game’s image to the next level.

Print and Play!

  • (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ou7_GwMqJ205_WXWHDCJdPRN5OVw3hhp/view?usp=sharing)


Gallery for Quick Reference

Physical Mass-Manufactured Box Design (hand-drawn)

The “Collector’s Edition” (all-natural materials, designed, laser-cut, and customized by the team for our potential kickstarter)


The Game at a Glance

Designers Posing near the Oval

Thank you for the quarter! : )

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