Working With System Dynamics

For Sugar Rush, our game, some values that we are trying include involve awareness of how food companies market sugar to influence our consumption, how entities that promote health and promote certain unhealthy products can clash, and various factors involved in that process. For more context, the game involves two teams, one representing a sugar company, the other representing some health org, and you are trying to rally the most people behind your cause We are yet to determine the specific names of each entity though

One loop we have deals with some actions, reactions, and choices on a turn. After one picks an event card, they learn of some information which may be to their advantage or disadvantage. After that, they decide what action to pursue on their turn, given that piece of information. The rules permit them one of a few actions. For example, the health org may pick an event card where they have been paid money to give advice on a campaign against sugar consumption, giving them additional money. After learning this information, they can decide what to do with that money, whether to get more people on board to advance to the next stage, or save the money up for something else. This action has to be in line with the rules which allow one of those options. Then the round ends and the next event card is pulled by the other team. This happens in a loop. Rather than levels, we have rounds that end when a team has gathered x amount of people. We are still working on the balance in our game economy between money acquired and gathering people, however, which in turn affects the frequency of each round and the pacing.


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