Precision of Emotion | Yasmine Mitchell

  • Theories of Fun/Play
    • Jesse Schell – “Fun isn’t important”
    • Raph Koster – “Fun is learning”
    • James Paul Gee – “Fun is the scientific method”
    • Fred Rogers – “Play is the work of childhood”
    • Jean Piaget – “Play is assimilation without adaptation”
    • Lev Vygotsky – “Play is a self-actualizing tool of the mind”
  • Fun is a sequence or a process
    • Transition between emotions
  • Sophia – The Game-Learn Emotion
    • Fear -> Surprise -> Happiness
    • Confront ignorance, gain knowledge
  • Meaningful Games
    • Make the jump between game model and world model
  • Emotional Taxonomy of Games
    • Fear
    • Speed
    • Fiero
    • Together
    • Complicity
  • Mechanics and Emotion
    • Actions (and connections between actions) create emotions
  • Finding the emotion
    • In learning games, there’s an effect you want
    • Will be more effective with an emotion
    • More importantly, you need to think about progression of emotion
  • Sophia is a lens to view game design
    • Use it to find problems when your game isn’t effective.

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