Precision of Emotion: Notes

  • “That’s what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning.” — Raph Koster
  • Lesson 1: Kids are smarter than you
  • Paul Ekman identified 7 universal emotions across all cultures
  • Meaningful games make the jump between game model and world model
    • Candy crush is a closed system — escapist game, compelling
    • Journey: connects to the world model
    • Meaningful games are very sticky
  • When you design for sophia (the mastery emotion) you. must first identify the fear created by absence of skill, then scaffold players into the happiness of mastery
  • Mechanics and emotion
    • Aim → shoot → watch (e.g. Angry Birds)
    • Fantasy violence → acquire things → become more powerful (WoW)
  • When we make learning games, we know the effect we want to achieve, but the trick is finding the emotion
  • We also want to alleviate suffering → a bodhisattva approach to games and life
    • The pain of absence in argumentation is confusion, socially ineffective, etc. → reverse these painful emotions into clarity, structure, wittiness, charisma
  • Sophia is a lens to view your game
    • Could the problem be — lack of clarity of core emotion? not enough surprise preceding satisfaction? lack of tension because the fear is not illuminated?

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