Cruel 2B Kind Writeup | Yasmine Mitchell

I found it difficult to get enough people together to play the game at first, but in the end, I was able to get a group of residents I’m an RA for. We made it a rule that players had to stay within the dorm for the duration of the game. It ended up being the perfect size play space for the amount of people we had. This did unfortunately mean I didn’t get to see/capture all of the moments of the game, but the residents gave me a recap afterward. I would definitely have an extra person taking pictures in another playthrough.

The game mechanic that created the most fun was the fact that I didn’t tell the players who else was a part of the game. This meant that the players would often use their “weapons” on people in the dorm who had no idea what was going on. There were a lot of confused faces when people were wished a “Happy Harmonica”, and genuine smiles when people received compliments. It was quite funny and heartwarming. I would say having innocent bystanders (as the official website puts it) is an important aspect of the game play. 

It was also quite amusing to watch players try to ambush each other in their attacks.

I did notice that people tended to stick with the same “weapon” throughout the course of the game. If I were to run another session, I’d add a rule that you had to say something different every time in order to encourage creativity. However, it did lead to humorous callback moments, when the best “weapons” came back at the end of the game. It reminded me a bit of Cards Against Humanity.

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