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In the sustainability game that I am designing, it is heavily reliant on values. These values are caring for others and the environment. The premise of the game is that each player is to create their own version of a sustainable city using various resource cards and setting laws, which the players create themselves. They want to create strong economies and earn money. The first player to create the strongest country (as measured by its value) is the winner. Players can set this themselves to decide how long they want to play the game. 

There is a main loop in the game. Each player gets a resource card at the beginning of each turn. They decide how to use that resource and what law to put into place. Then they see the impact on their metrics overall and wait until the next turn.  Players continue to do this loop until they win. 

Arcs in this game are related to creating a prosperous, sustainable city. There is one big overwhelming arc but it is mostly going to be supported by loops.

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