Critical Play: Bluffing, Judging and Getting Vulnerable…

One Night Ultimate werewolf is a board game by Bazier Games. The target audience is for any group of 3-10 willing friends looking to play a game or even strangers who just met. Players are started with a hidden identity and go through a series of set actions through the “one night”. Werewolves identify each other, special roles complete their action, which can include swapping cards, viewing cards, or even becoming a card. After this cycle, the group must discuss to exile one villager and it is the choice that decides who wins and loses.

The type of fun is fellowship, as this is a casual social deduction game with less stakes due to its short gametime compared to its popular counterparts, like Avalon or Secret Hitler. The special roles with big agency feel very powerful to play as and the fast-paced gameplay allows for flexibility in complexity, as players can add in complex roles to spice up the game or substitute them for villagers to simplify it. Overall, this is a very welcome and fun variation of social deduction games. The players don’t need to get vulnerable in order to enjoy this game, as the fast-paced, low-stakes gameplay keeps the game dynamic and fun.


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