Theme Only Games: Battle Cats

I played Battle Cats for the iPhone. This game was incredibly addicting with its bright colors, flyers, new lands and cats to be unlocked. I had to pry myself away from playing more levels. I believe I played for three hours on end trying to unlock new cats. The goblin in me wanted to collect them all my favorite basic cat was the axe cat but I also got to unlock the witch cat. The target audience for this game seems to be anyone twelve and up. The game was fun in terms of submission and challenge. I knew what to expect and had to use my own gaming strategy to figure out which cats to upgrade and deploy into battle. My first success was in conquering over the first level. I noticed the game implemented strategies covered from a game theory perspective in the way it forced me to deploy the starter cat, and gave me room to figure out leveling up allowed me to gain coin storage and produce more coins quicker. A failure came into play when I reached Japan, I had not realized that I had to deploy a couple long strange cats to win, once the cow/bull was released none of my other cats had a chance so I had to lose and play by the rules; however, i do not particularly like how slow that cat was and wished I could circumvent it by using the special cats.


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