Critical Play: Puzzles — Blake Sharp

I chose to play Factory Balls. The game was created in this iteration by Bart Bonte, an independent Belgian game designer. The game is appropriate for all ages and is a fun puzzle where you try to create the proper designs on a ball.


Players can click on various paint cans and accessories to get the desired print and shape on their ball. There are multiple levels with increasing levels of difficulty. Users can click on which accessory or paint they want to add to the ball.


The fun is abnegation and challenge. The game is abnegation because it is a way to tune out of your everyday life and pass time. The game is challenge fun because each level is a puzzle that you are trying to solve. It strikes a nice balance between difficult and mindless.


The design is very simple and gets the job done.  It is pleasing the way the ball gets its designs and colors. It could be more satisfying or aesthetic but it gets the job done. I wish the animations came from the bucket or accessory rather than the ball moving to the bucket or object.

Success / Failure

The success is that it is challenging and does cause players to think. However, I believe the failures come from the fact the game can get boring and repetittive. I think it is hard to continue making the game engaging and keep people playing.

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