Critical Play: Puzzles (Factory Balls)

For this critical play, I chose the game Factory Balls. Factory Balls is a simple single player pattern matching puzzle and logic game. Much like Papa’s Pizzeria, Cooking Mama and other games of the like, one start off with a plain silver ball and you are given a desired pattern on a shipping box and the minimal necessary tools (hats, masks, and belts to name a few) to complete the task. I personally found the appeal of the game to be in the increasing difficulty as you progress along with the simple premise residing in parallel to the complex thought required. As you start out, the pattern to be matched is super simple and intended as a method of onboarding. As the game progresses, you are required to use more and more brain power to achieve the desire pattern. Although there isn’t a time limit nor is there a punishment for making incorrect moves, the incentive to play and keep playing stems from the escapism it offers players. The design of the game forces all attention to be on the ball. Moreover, the use of whitespace allows the user to become immersed in the game despite which platform they chose to conduct gameplay on.

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