Critical Play: Factory Balls


I played Factory Balls online on This game was created by Bart Bonte.

The target audience for this game is anyone who likes brain teasers and solving puzzles.

The formal elements of the game are the interactive UI buttons (see attached image) and how the ball interacts with the paint and the objects.

The mechanics of this game influence the experience in a way that makes this a fun puzzle. It is a light challenge that gives you the chance to restart if you mess up. In the picture, I made a mistake but was able to restart by just picking a color for the ball and trying again. It is challenging yet not too hard or frustrating.

Moments of success are the fun puzzles. They came up with a lot of cool challenges where the first thing that comes to mind doesn’t usually work but seeing the result of the wrong actions is a good hint towards the answer. Moments of failure are that the game doesn’t automatically adjust to fit the screen. This is more a software problem, but I think a simple thing like auto-resize could greatly improve the experience as I had to keep scrolling up and down to see my options and my goal for solving the puzzle.

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