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Life is Strange is a story based game. It is intended to be played alone. The story begins with you waking up in a storm, but it ends up being in a dream. The game also gives cues for which controls can be used to operate the game and explore the world in which you are currently playing and allows you to have choice while following the commands intentional to the game play. The features and mechanics of going back and forth in time allow the story to progress. These features are expression and narrative going hand in hand. However, because there are certain goals to get to going through the “right” series of choices will progress the story forward. The mechanics of choice and narrative are woven tightly together. The objective of the game is to entertain the player with curiosity for what are the next steps for the story and solving the mystery of Rachel Ambers’ disappearance. The other characters are also incredibly developed and are independent of the protagonist. It is a bit annoying that we have to stick to the magic circle and the protagonists personality instead of saying what you would want to say, however, that probably makes it easier on creating the game.  The mystery of the disappearance, the ability to time travel, and the characters make the game entertaining to play. They are seamlessly integrated.

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