Critical Play: Walking Sims – In Requiem

Game: In Requiem

Creator: Alberto Carrillo and Anthony Najjar Simon

Formal Elements

Players & Roles:

  • This is a single-player, first-person game. The play walks around an abandoned, frozen land.

Outcome & Objective:

  • The player can freeze if they stay in the cold for too long. The objective is to find spirit statues to thaw you.
  • Once the player discovers 6 of the 10 statues, they complete the game.

Rules & Procedures:

  • The game has a short onboarding to teach the player how to walk, jump, sprint and access the world map.
  • You simply walk through the world and try to find a one of the ten spirit statues.
  • The screen freezes up when the player is too cold. Likewise, when the screen clears up when the player interacts with a new statue.

Resources & Boundaries:

  • The player is bounded by the land and the obstacles that stand in their way.
  • The player is also bounded by time — since they can freeze if they spend too long in the cold.
  • The player can access the world map to guide their exploration.

Type of Fun

Discovery and narrative. The player can walk around the land and find new space. Every time the player interacts with the statue, a line of the poem Ozymandias by Percy B. Shelley appears. As the player finds more statues, more lines of the poem are unlocked.

AssessmentThe game was short and sweet. However, since there was a clear objective and time pressure, I felt like I didn’t get to enjoy the landscape and narrative as much. I was so focused on finding the next statue. Suggestion: Rather than terminating the game, allow players to explore the space freely once they find 6 statues

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