P2 Checkpoint 1

Settings: post-apocalyptic large religious structure
Theme: mystery/exploration
Emotion: curiosity
Mechanic: communicate with each other and use things in your environment to progress to locked areas; choose your own adventure, coop

3 directions:
1. While navigating a post-apocalyptic [nuclear?] reality, you and a close friend have found an imposing and surprisingly intact temple and decide to squat there. However, while exploring the grounds, you get separated from your friend and the main entrance by loose radioactive debris. Scanning your surroundings, you realize there are letters and religious texts that help you access more rooms. Using your walkie-talkies and hoping you don’t go out of range, you and your friend must navigate yourselves out of the temple and meet up again. (Secondary narrative: talking about religious/spiritual identity)
2. You are a robot undergoing some repairs when your creator suddenly falls unconscious. Even though your senses are malfunctioning (narrative: temporary disability, ai), you attempt to navigate your creator’s lab to figure out a way to save them (side narrative: positive human/robot relationships/empathy).
3. You’re in a sinking boat. Each level of a building gets submerged underwater after some period of time, so you have to go up and explore a new level each time.

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