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  1. an alien, who wants to move up in the world to return home; along the way he learns about the planet he is on (its creatures, values, etc.) → also deal with the social issues of being different (lonliness, bullying, etc)
    1. Word puzzles (for the alien) that illuminate stuff about life
    2. An escape room (but online in the sky), basically various puzzles
  2. A magical world, where at each layer of the sky, there is a different type of environment (ex. You turn invisible and you need to have a potion to make yourself visible, you turn a shade of color that will get you killed by creatures because you are not camouflage) 
  3. Mechanic of a go-until-you-can’t (like temple run, crossy road, internet dinosaur)
    1. Kind of like Temple Run except there are different states of the sky! At each state, the visuals / type of movement is different. Like for one you could be jumping over things, for another you can be casting spells on objects to remove them from your path, or cloud bouncing) // or we could just do one of them
  4. Mechanic of a maze where each checkpoint changes the atmosphere / gives you new tools / is a point of the narrative arc
  5. Mechanic of *combat* but you need to use certain spells/potions, but if you use the wrong one, you lose some of your resources
  6. A vertical vehicle 
  7. Need to drink cloud juice to survive!! Like we need to drink water. Must be refilled.
  8. Kind of like Mindcraft where you can make houses out of sky-objects

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