Individual Concept


Direction 1

A solo player enters an escape room. They are an intern for a small start-up that has just gotten a lot of attention for launching social-good programs. However, their journalist friend has some suspicions that things aren’t as they seem. The player enters the CEO’s office while they are out for a 1-hour meeting. The player has to hack into the CEO’s computer and unearth the secrets of the company. The company secrets start out benign and then turn very sinister. The player gets to communicate with their journalist friend through text to get hints and prompts for what to do.

Direction 2

The player is greeted by a group of workers welcoming them back to work after their “accident.” They are sent into their office and there’s a note that says “you know what you did” and a timer counting down. The player must confess to their crimes or everything will go public, but they have no memory of what happened. In a race against time, they must decode their desk and files to find what their crime was or prove their innocence and report it to the number on the note.

Direction 3

There are multiple players who are each assigned a role. One is a journalist, one is a CEO, one is an informant, the rest are normal employees. The journalist solves puzzles to send clues to the informant, the CEO is trying to destroy the evidence before the informant finds it and the other employees are creating additional puzzles to throw the informant and CEO off.



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