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  1. I really enjoy the basic game loop of Apex Legends. On a game-to-game level, there’s the loop of dropping in, experiencing a point of interest on the map and learning from the game, and then coming into the next one with a little more knowledge for the next time around.

    Within the game, however, there’s also a very satisfying set of chained arcs. You start out with low resources, scavenge, then run into another team and fight them. You use up resources in combat, but if you win you can then loot them, replenish your resources, and come out stronger for the next fight. Along with this, you’re rewarded for fighting – your armor comes stronger – but have to balance it with maintaining map position and consumable resources like health and shields.

    I find that it builds in strong incentives to fight, and rewards for doing so, while still leaving a strong element of macro maneuvering in place.

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