Checkpoint 1: Individual Concept Doc



Directions: (Mainly for the twist)

  1. The protagonist is actually sentient and as the game progresses, they start to break the 4th wall more and more. Maybe they’re actually working against the protagonist, so maybe there could be a level where if the player presses ‘forwards’ the protagonist goes backwards and all the controls are inverted for that level.
  2. The protagonist and their best friend against the world. As the game progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that the protagonist is a little more than obsessed with their best friend, they’re willing to do anything for them.
  3. Every year there is a murder game that takes place (reference: Future Diary) you’re given a target and someone else has you as the target. Every level in the game could be a 2D platformer as you’re trying to reach where your target is located.


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