Sketchnote: Game Architecture — Nadin

One game that I enjoy a lot is Animal Crossing: New Horizons! ACNH is a sandbox game developed by Nintendo where players move to a deserted island and build a town full of animal villagers. I would say that the majority of ACNH gameplay consists of loops since there is very little pre-determined story and most of the game is shaped by whatever the player wants to do. Some examples of loops include catching bugs (e.g. the player approaches the bug too quickly, the bug flies off, the player learns that they must approach slower next time) or even more fundamental actions like walking around (similar to the jumping loop described in the reading). However, there are also some arcs, especially in the tutorial stage at the beginning of the game. There, the game starts by giving players a mental model to work with (i.e. “you are moving to a deserted island. use these buttons to move around and this button to shake trees”) before throwing them into the rest of the arc.

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