Sketchnote: Game Architecture

A game that I really enjoy playing is the Sims. Through different characters, you get to experience different simulations of the real world, shaping the sims’ social interactions, professional objectives, hobbies, passions, and life trajectories. This game effectively combines loops and arcs to allow the player to learn how to achieve better outcomes achieving mastery in the game while at the same time keeping the player entertained through endless variations of the experience. The decisions that are made every day in the repetitive loops of the sims’ lives have consequences in the way the game plays out, so you learn to make better decisions. At the same time, every time you play, you get to experience the world through new characters with new interactions, interests, objectives, and even different worlds, combining these arcs to stop the player from getting bored. This sandwich of loops and arcs makes the game very entertaining and varied, keeping players hooked for a long time.

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