Project 2: Moodboard (Miranda Diaz)

Three Emotions to Evoke

  • Wonder
  • Excitement
  • Curiosity


Spotify Playlist

Three Directions for Game

  • Hack and Slash or Beat Em Up Styled Game (vibe shown in moodboard)
    • Clear levels of enemies with easy, quick combat
    • Progress through story by clearing levels
    • Similar to the game Going Under
    • Story could be focused on a bounty hunter working in a cyberpunk city who is trying to take down a gang
      • learn more about the gang by fighting grunts, fight the gang leader as the final boss
  • Choose Your Own Story Styled Game
    • Text-based with messages coming at scheduled times messages
    • Different choices lead to different storylines
    • Similar to the games Lifeline and Mystic Messenger
    • Story could include options to defy the narrator or not give the expected type of response
      • Similar to the games Doki Doki Literature Club, The Stanley Parable, and Pony Island
  • Farming Sim + Shooter + Monster Collecting Styled Game
    • Maintain and expand your farm, earn money
    • Grow plant-themed monsters that obey you and help you maintain/defend your farm
    • Have a gun-style weapon to shoot enemies as they try to destroy your crops
    • Clear waves of enemies as they try to invade your farm

Additional Concept Boards for Last Two Directions

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