Mindmap: Narrative Architecture (Ember Fu)

Games exemplifying types of story use:

  • evocative narrative: Legends of Runeterra. While much separate from actual gameplay, the boards, music, and especially detailed and interactive card art, flavor text, and voice lines serve to immerse the player in the familiar Runeterra world and the narratives within it.
  • enacted narrative: Danganronpa. The story is structured in a relatively linear fashion, but progressed through the character’s movement within the game space and their chosen interactions with the environment.
  • embedded narrative: Ruined King. This game utilizes a large map/dungeons and artifacts within it that the player interacts with the reconstruct the plot on multiple temporal levels. It also has elements of enacted narrative, but only for fixed important events.
  • emergent narrative: Happy Pets. An unfortunately retired Facebook game that deserves a reboot, this game was designed to offer players many possibilities when it came to obtaining, raising, and breeding pets, along with many other activities. Relatively unstructured but rich with possible actions, players can build their own home, pets, and general narrative with flexibility.

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