Concept Doc: What’s The Move?

By Carina Ly, Nadin Tamer, Alisa Wang, Francesca Bottazzini, Rick Robert


It’s a been jam-packed week and you’ve been on the grind with a lot of work. In need of a deep de-stress, you want to attend your college campus’s biggest party. However, once you turn in all your work on Friday, you clock out and sleep for too long. Before you know it, it’s Saturday evening and your roommate has already headed out to party without you! Your roommate left behind some clues in your room and it’s up to you to find out more information about the party before the party starts!


We would like the tone of our game to be:

  • Lighthearted
  • Funny
  • Exciting


Our game’s setting will take place in a typical college dorm room.


Our game will involve players figuring out the components of a party and will specifically answer these questions:

  • How long is the party?
  • Where is the party?
  • Who’s hosting the party?
  • Who’s attending the party?
  • What is the theme of the party?

To answer these questions, players will solve 5 individual, independent puzzles, with each one answering a specific question. It’s up to the players to figure out which puzzle answers which question. The puzzles will be:

  • Letter with a hidden message
  • Spotify playlist
  • Going through text messages on the phone
  • Blog 
  • Tapping/dexterity game
  • Picking a jewelry box lock
  • Putting together a picture puzzle

Tone References

We expect our game to take on a typical college party and dorm, similar to the vibes from Mean Girls, the 2004 cult classic teen movie:

Key Challenges

Some technical challenges we expect include trying to figure out to code out messages that seem similar to a person’s phone. We also expect design challenges, such as figuring out the right tone for these puzzles, determining the relevancy/theme of each independent puzzle, and also figuring out a puzzle that tested dexterity (e.g. being able to test out people’s motor skills). An artistic challenge we face is trying to determine the difficulty of replicating popular technical platforms, such as iMessage and social media platforms.

Overall, this game is targeted at anyone that likes solving puzzles and college-aged players because we hope this game to be extra relatable for them. We hope that this game will be your move! 🤩

Appendix (Individual Moodboards)





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