Checkpoint 1: Team Concept Doc


Wistful, enchanted, and hopeful are the emotions we hope to evoke from our game. We would like our players to be immersed in a subtly fantastical green space where their objective is to escape the dark and reach the light. We aim to frame the game in a way where the player must explore their surroundings to advance and their decisions heavily influence the narrative.


Eerie dark forest, abandoned greenhouse, heavy fog, light seeping through the trees, fireflies, concentrated light, etc. Progress measures: scenery becomes brighter/more saturated and the music becomes more hopeful.

Fun & Players

Challenge, fellowship, discovery. A group of friends separated in a forest, multi-player: players try to find their way back to each other from different starting points, will have to cooperate on certain tasks and give other players clues. Spiritual guides might give a more fantastical feel to the game.


Virtual/Digital escape room. A mix of enacted and embedded narrative. Text adventures.

Inspiration: Gather.townCube Escape


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