Checkpoint 1: Individual Concept Doc

For our Escape Room, we want to build a tense narrative around the setting of a secretive office environment. We aim to embody 4 different kinds of fun: fantasy (as the players embody their fictional role), narrative (as the players immerse themselves in the story of the escape), challenge (as the players wrestle against the puzzles of the room), and fellowship (as the players work amongst themselves to understand the room).

Here is a moodboard that embodies the sentiment I want to capture with our Escape Room.

And here is the Spotify playlist to accompany it — I drew a lot of inspiration from my favorite thriller films and soundtracks of financial crime TV shows.

To brainstorm a few directions for our Escape Room, I tried a bit of free listing:

Here are three ideas I had for our direction:

  1. A single-player escape room where the player accepts the role of an employee of a shady biotech corporation. The player must investigate the cover-up of an experiment gone wrong. For example, an issue with human experimentation of brain-computer interfaces.
  2. A multi-player escape room where the players split their roles as employees and journalists investigating an evil tech corporation. The players attempt to discover and whistleblow against some major action the corporation is going to act on soon. For example, an unethical digital program meant to brainwash the population or some digital propaganda to incite a war/conflict.
  3. A single-player escape room where the player investigates the CEO of a shady company. The player discovers that the CEO has set an assassination job on a popular political leader/activist who lobbies against the goals of the company. The player works on a tip from a journalist friend.


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