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The first layout I had in my mind was an ordinary office space; we would embed the puzzles in locked closet, the computer, behind the poster, and under the rug, but initially the space would seem ordinary. It would be up to the players to explore, and we can slowly have them piece together the story through exploration.

The second layout would be more urgent. We have a similar layout, but with creepier elements. The room would be darker and candlelit instead of a lamp, and there would be more signs of something wrong. There’s a map connecting and crossed out pictures of various students on the wall to indicate some sort of target, giving the players a stronger theme to go off of. We could also take advantage of the map on the wall to use as an organizing element to guide players through puzzles.

The third layout would be the most deranged. In the story line, it would be after the Professor has been “consumed” by his / her cult activities, and has fully gone insane. This room layout would give the creepiest layout because of its scattered, torn apart atmosphere. The puzzles involved in this layout would be more piecing things together; we would be giving the players a lot of information initially, and it would be up to them to deduce everything from the overwhelming amount of information provided. We would not need to provide as much context in this scenario, similar to Laura Hall’s advice of minimizing text.

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