Project 2: Checkpoint 1 Individual Brainstorm

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Narrative/Platform Ideas

  • Fairytale Escape Room
    • Have puzzles/riddles themed around fairytale stories
    • Could have players trapped inside a cabin (Hansel & Gretel inspired) and have to make it out in time before being eaten/attacked/etc.
  • Murder Mystery Escape Room
    • Someone has been murdered in EBF and you’ve been trapped by the killer in the library
    • Have to figure out a way to escape before other people in the house are attacked!
  • VR Escape Room
    • Could model a virtual space that resembles the EBF library
    • Incorporate more “physical” puzzles this way (can model digital objects that players can interact with)
    • A balance of riddles/physical space puzzles could be more feasible in VR
    • Could implement multiplayer puzzles 
      • i.e. video game style, like having two people have to press a button at the same time

General Physical Mechanics of Escape Room Puzzles

  1. Use the big wall of books to hide clues in
  2. Lots of paintings to hide clues/puzzles behind!
  3. Could have QR codes behind paintings/in books that lead to a digital puzzle that produces a word or clue that is used in the physical space to get to the next puzzle 
    • i.e. digital puzzle output is a word or riddle-style hint that leads players to investigate another physical object in the room
  4. Escape rooms I’ve liked have had riddles/word clues more than physical puzzles, so could lean more towards brain-teaser type of fun
    • Makes building our escape room a bit easier if we don’t have to worry about physical manufacturing


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