Critical Play: Games of Chance Zynga Poker

I played Zynga Poker a game designed for the iPhone. The first thing I have to notice, before I even started playing the overwhelming site of free coins, incentives to play, and the music make the hame a lot right off the bat. I played a couple of rounds and I noticed that the house always won. Seldomly did a player get more than 100K worth of tokens, especially when each round cost at least 100-800K, and the first couple of 100k of tokens were given for free, but they ran out quick. There were plenty of free ways of getting more such as winning and doing the daily incentives, but to get enough to have a fun time playing players had to pay real money. It was engaging in the sense you were playing against other players, but we were all collectively losing to the house. The illusion of chance, was given through the fact that the “random” cards were being distributed, there was never an instance when the players were truly in control. There was an element of deception. There were also several cases of near misses where it seemed like the hand you got was so close to being a winning hand. Overall the game play was deceptive and frustrating.

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