Checkpoint 1: Connor’s Concept Doc



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  1. Skydiving type game → create some story around a character falling and having to accomplish some task before hitting the ground. Game would be 2d, but with effects to feel like your character is falling at terminal velocity!
  2. Vertical 2d platformer → a character must climb a vertical maze (tower perhaps) across levels. Maybe the story of the game could center around a character cast out of her tribe for being different (most can fly but she cannot). She works hard to overcome the challenges associated with this difference and her resilience ends up being a great strength.
  3. Open world 2d platformer → the user has access to almost all of the levels immediately, but must explore each very carefully to be able to engage with the level properly. Like a non-linear, 2d walking sim. There would be many interesting directions for a story. One example is that a character wakes up after a 50 year slumber to find their tribe is gone. The character must figure out what happened to their friends and family through exploration of different levels. There would also be a second half of the story that is more linear levels after certain discoveries are made.

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