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3 Directions for Game

[Ideation 1] Player has a home base. They are living in Antarctica and each of their “properties” are on a separate ice cube territory. Player needs to hop around their territories to fix any issues (e.g. Forest Ice Cube has a forest fire! Need to resolve)

[Ideation 2] Player goes on a cool ambient road trip with good music and picks up trash in the village, along the road, etc.

[Ideation 3] Think 2048 + Plants vs. Zombies. You collect as many cool plants and nature-y items during the day. At night, you need to use the plants you collected to defend against unpredictable natural disasters! (e.g. collect enough wood to endure a cold snowstorm during the night)

[Ideation 4] An open-world indie game where players combine plants of the same type to form a huge plant of that type (e.g. 3 small trees = 1 big tree). Players get to place their creations anywhere in their world.

[Ideation 5] Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. A take on Overcooked! Players have a collection of trash they need to get rid of and there are tasks (e.g. make paper) they must complete. They can use their trash to create new items and then turn them in for points.

Team Members: Amanda Huynh, Anna Chang, Selaine Rodriguez, Wilmer Zuna 

Section: Jean

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