Visual Design of Games

Cheese or Font



  • Text box for choosing c/f
  • Score
  • Cheese or font list
  • Time limit


  • Previous/next buttons
  • Instructions
  • Different colored fonts for correct/incorrect answers
  • Ability to select any part of table to guess with mouse


  • Fun comments about incorrect answers
  • Give up button
  • Public score average of all players
  • Option to change score from x/50 to percentage


Visual Design_ Cheese or Font 

Visual Analysis of Pixel Pro Golf

Pixel Pro Golf is an iOS game. It is a real to life arcade golf game, with aesthetically pleasing pixel visuals. The game is very simple – you select a club, aim the ball, and choose how hard you swing. The courses are designed to emulate real life golf courses, and the pixelated courses are beautiful. The game is a rather zen experience, designed to relax and is minimalistic; there are no micro-transactions or leveling up. There are essentially only a few buttons that allow for club selection, aiming, and swinging. The design of the visuals supports the game – the pixelated nature of the game contributes to the simple, minimalist vibe.


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