Visual Design of Games

In this article I recreate the visual aesthetics of Cheese or Font, a guessing game where you determine if a word is a cheese or font.

In order to do this, I first identify the elements of the game:

Core – List of cheeses and fonts, a checker to know where or not it is a cheese or font, input box

Supportive – The “Enter C or F” statement, timer, and the “Can you name all the cheeses and fonts?”

Extraneous – The statements when you get it wrong.

In this sketch: Cheese or Font I observe the different parts of Cheese or Font and redesign them by changing the size, colors, and font types in several different ways. This allows for specific elements to be highlighted or visually representative of their words. In addition to these changes, designs can also use proximity to change the hierarchy of elements. For example,  in this game, since the instructions are not directly apart of game play, we could space that box further ways. Elements that are similar should be grouped. Within groups, things that should be further grouped should be spaced away from other groups.

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