Visual Design of Games

One game that I think is breathtakingly gorgeous is Gorogoa, a puzzle game in which different pieces connect to form a scene so that the main character can progress. The game is gorgeous and one of the cohesive pieces that I found is that the whole thing is hand drawn, which gives it a beautiful analog feeling. The text that they use is minimal and almost non existent in most places, and instead the character thinks in images like the image below.


This is a nice mechanic and a beautiful design principle because it keeps consistency in that users know to interact with squares. The game’s interaction is solely based on movement with squares. The squares can be clicked into to go deeper into a scene, dragged around to layer squares, and connected to join scenes. Since the thoughts are squares, they also can be clicked into and you enter a new world within that square. The only other mechanic is that there will be arrows sometimes that appear that allow you to move around in the scene. These arrows are minimalist but are colored in a manner that they are easily viewable to be interacted with.

Unique Puzzle Game "Gorogoa" Announced for SwitchCritical Play: Gorongoa. Gorogoa is a puzzle game developed by… | by Brian  Chien | Game Design Fundamentals | Medium



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