Blog Response: What do Prototypes Prototype? Start Assignment

Questions about our game (Klepto-Friends) that we might answer by prototyping:

  • Which aspect of the game of players enjoy the most?
    • Knowing this is valuable to us, so we can expand on this fun and market our game correctly.
    • We prototyped with a preliminary set of actions cards and found that active actions — such as jump — and highly interpretable actions — like, pat your head with style — were more fun. We removed cards that seemed to add no fun to the game such as “Yogo pose” and “standing on one leg”
  • Which parts of the game lend to confusion or silence?
    • We should Ian to reduce silence and confusion in the game, knowing that the chaotic energy of our game is valuable, we don’t want to break it with rules that are hard to understand, and stalling moments.
  • What do players expect our game to look like played out?
    • This is an important question to ask, to know if we are communicating the intent of the game correctly to the players.
    • We play tested with a tentative ruleset and branding, and discovered that sometimes people thought they were hiding objects around the room.

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