Blog Response: Cheese Font (Wilmer Zuna)

  • Identify elements of cheese or font
    • Next Quiz Button – Core
    • Cheese Types Choice – Core
    • Font Types Choice – Core
    • Word – Core
  • Sketch out the core elements

Skechnote of Cheese or Font

  • Make one element in a NEW thumbnail sketch HUGE.

Sketchnote of Cheese or Font

  • Try taking ONE color and using it in your thumbnail sketch along with black.

Sketchnote of Cheese or Font

  • Make 3–4 thumbnail drawings that use type in different ways

Sketchnote of Cheese or Font

Sketchnote of Cheese or Font

Sketchnote of Cheese or Font

  • Explore proximity in your design (short descriptions answering the questions is ok).

    • The Replay and Next Quiz Buttons should be grouped.
    • The Stats, Challenge Friends and Random Quiz Buttons should be grouped.
    • The Cheese Types, Font Types, cheese/font visual and Word Text should be grouped.

Visual Design Principles in Fortnite

Screenshot of Fortnite Lobby

Fortnite is a good example of good visual design:

  • Size: The font makes it clear what the main components of attention are (Main player, the “PLAY” button, etc.)
  • Color & Contrast: The colors make it intuitive where the human eyes should look at first or more importantly – i.e. note the only yellow is the most contrasting color from the color theme here.
  • Typography: There are capitalization, along with family fonts, at play here. This makes it intuitive for the user to think of the different components of the game.
  • Alignment & Proximity: The way in which all of the elements in this screenshot are aligned make it clearer what the user should prioritize – main player is at the center of the screen, left side grouping show tasks/statistics for the given Season, right side indicates logistics for upcoming game match, etc.

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