Visual Design of Games

Core elements:

  • font
  • cheese
  • text input
  • feedback on input

Supportive elements:

  • text/iconographic selection on whether for the user to choose either font or cheese
  • score
  • hints
  • option for the user to “give up” or pause next to the timer
  • bolding options

Extraneous elements:

  • Quizzes
  • multiplayer option
  • ads


I find league of legends to be a really beautifully designed visual game, especially earlier versions of the game.

  • the game has a vibrant, cartoon-ish feel like distinct color-grading toward the middle of the screen to help orient the user and to help the user focus.
  • little easter eggs of detail that help complement and immerse the player but don’t distract against the more important details of gameplay
  • visually distinct abilities and colors to help users orient what is happening on the screen

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