My First Roblox Game

  • I have always been curious about what types of games were being launched by 12-year-olds on Roblox. I created my first Roblox game, and then found the game “[NEW ESCAPE] ☢️ Car Crushers 2”. Very similar to GTA 5, the game is a first-person real-world simulation game, where the player has his own autonomy to drive wherever he wants and takes on whatever actions that please him. The game wants to appeal to the 5-12 year old children’s Fantasy, where they give the children the illusions of “make-believing” that they are indeed driving these cars around and crashing them. Additionally, the game attempted to model real-world physics as closely as possible, and modeled realistic car-crashing noisese in order to deliver the best sensational pleasures to the players.
  • Furthermore, similar to GTA5, it offers different types of daily and weekly challenges for the players to complete while they are in the game. For example, this week’s challenge was to compete with other players on who collects the most number of Easter eggs. Additionally, it allowed players to team up with each other to combine the easter eggs that they collected as one in order to move up in the chart.
  • Although the games offered little dynamics in terms of expressions (The only expression i had was which car i wanted to drive), I believe it delivered its value propositions to the 5-12 year olds accuratelty as there was a lot of story-telling mechanisms (sensations, fantasy) with some simplistic challenges, without making it too difficult for the players to follow.

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