Visual Design of Games


  • Names of the fonts and cheese
  • A place to put your answer
  • Timer
  • Score


  • Instructions saying to put f or c
  • Text saying if you got it right or wrong
  • Score percentage
  • Average score
  • “Cheese or font?” label
  • Replay button


  • Color
  • Custom answers to wrong answers



Portal 2 Analysis:

This isn’t the most “beautiful” game in the conventional sense of the word, but one game that I think has an extremely well-defined aesthetic is Portal 2. It has a cold color palette with dull grays, sterile-whites, and blue-ish tints that feels industrial, dystopian, and sci-fi. Of course, the game has those characteristic blue and orange portals that leave a visceral mark on the players (and overall helps visualize the overall gameplay mechanics of the portals). The gun cursor is similarly elegant, and simplistic with a nice symmetry that is pleasing to look at. Light in general is used effectively in the game either as a gameplay mechanism (lasers to kill turrets) or as a way to create atmosphere such as the bright sterile lighting of the rooms or the industrial lighting of the facility.


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