What games are and aren’t jack yuan – Sketchnote AND WRITTEN REFLECTION!!!!

Theory Of What Games Are


  • The [[nature of [[fun factor]] in [[games]]]] are all about “pattern recognition”
    • When I modded the werewolves game into a “COVID-test kit” game, that wasn’t fun. However, when I included a new “mechanism” that the prophet only had a 5/6 chance of guessing the werewolf it made the game a lot more fun…
    • Human brains are incredibly great and find satisfaction in finding patterns…
      • That’s why gamer’s brains respond similarly when they run a car over a pedestrian in GTA 5 and when they successfully catch a small ball with a moving stick on a 2D computer screen
      • The two games are the same essentially: Aiming at something and taking an action
    • And when humans stop learning new patterns in games, they begin to get bored…
      • This is why basketball players after 20 years of playing the game get tired because they know too many patterns, or why tic tac toe gets boring
      • People don’t like deterministic rules, the more rules the more restrictive your game is
      • Or overcomplicated rules
      • Poker is a great game, because the rules are simple, but there are many non-deterministic variables that you slowly find patterns to by reading other people…. Maybe that’s why I never really enjoyed poker because it was very difficult for me to read other people and predict their next moves, so i never felt the satisfaction of learning patterns in poker
    • That’s why a successful “design” of a game enables the players to only get bored after they have learned all the “patterns” from the games before dropping off too early
      • To me, the “Age of War” was a terrific game. It was only I “beat” the entire game did i stop playing it.
  • There’s also many types of [[nature of [[fun factor]] in [[games]]]] that is a result of our evolutionary biology
    • Mastering learning Patterns
    • “It’s Pretty”
      • Appreciating art or meditation is discovering some patterns??
    • Physical activities
      • Physical dopamine rush when doing activities
    • Self-realization
      • Naches: Feeling happy when somebody you mentor succeeds, which is a clear feedback of tribal continuance
      • Fiero: Feeling of triumph when you have mastered something, signaling to other human beings that you are a valuable human being
    • At the end of the day, most of the reasons that I can think of why games are fun is because they are a simulated world that very delicately simulates the reward/penalization ratio according to the capabilities of our own brains… just like [[sigep]] [[gerzain]]’s mechanisms
      • The real world might be too difficult for some people to succeed at certain pattern recognition processes and as a result they don’t feel biologically happy as a result. They go and find that in an easier world. And I don’t believe there should be anything wrong with that.
      • Some mechanisms include “carrot & stick”: If you don’t come to the [[sigep]] weekly chapters, [[gerzain]] told us that there would be bad consequences, and some people actually didn’t receive housing because of it
    • If you think about it “Learning patterns” and “Self-realization” were all human biology [[evolution]] traits
      • Learning patterns help us survive, and “self-realization” happiness is what makes humans different from a shark or a mouse (lower level primates) who only receives biological feedback from sex or food
      • If we don’t have these other biological stimulations (Naches: The happiness we feel when we help other people, or taking care of others because it signals your intimacy with another person), then would it to be fair to say that we are a super super smart type of monkey? And sure some may argue Naches or taking care of others help us move upwards the social ladder, which is still solely goal-oriented, but wouldn’t that still be better than living in a world when nobody helped each other at all?
      • Human evolution is an amazing process

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