What do prototypes prototype? – Nancy Hoang

  1. How hard should an obstacle be? 
    1. This is important so that players are not consistently dying and leave the game prematurely. This requires an implementation prototype and I think that our existing obstacle is the track itself and its lack of collisions. This makes it so that players are more likely to die and will establish our need for boarders around the track. 
  2. Does the sharpness of a track or camera angle change the feasibility of a player’s success? 
    1. This requires an implementation prototype and is important in navigating the difficulty of movement in the track. Given players inability to see and the movement being diagonal for the most part, we are wondering if the curvy rounds provide more leeway for blind control or if it is best to just operate a maze. My guess is that a maze is better because it will give the visual partner a challenge and make communication better between players. 
  3. How does the movement of the player affect the difficulty of communication between two people? 
    1. This requires a look-and-feel prototype that is tested through two players. This is important  because communication is so vitale in the game but only one person can look and the other feels. Testing the dynamics between two people should allow us to know whether or not drifting and similar things would affect the communication.

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