What do Prototypes Prototype?

How long does it take someone to act out a gesture at their own pace?

This will help us set the pace for the game. At the start of the game, we want to pace people so that they can leisurely act out a gesture. Knowing how long it takes for someone to act out a gesture will allow us to correctly set our timer up. To answer this question, we will give our play tester’s words to act out and time them. Then, we will find the average amount of time it took to act out a word. I think it will take somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds to act out each word, depending on the difficulty.

What is the fastest someone can act out a gesture?

This will help us know how fast we can pace the game. Since the game gets increasingly fast, we need to know the maximum pace people can go. We can test this by giving play testers increasingly short time windows to act out their word. Then we will determine the average minimum among our play testers. I think that the fastest someone will be able to act out a gesture is 5 minutes.

How challenging can a gesture be before it is too challenging?

Answering this question will help us decide what kinds of categories and words to feed to our players. We want a word that is a challenge to act out. However, after play testing the game a little bit, we found that certain words are too challenging. Words that are impossible to guess make the game boring. So, we will feed our play testers increasingly difficult words to find out where the line between a fun challenge and an impossible word is. I think that phrases or idioms might be too challenging.

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