What Do Prototypes Prototype?

For all the following questions, we will make an implementation prototype out of cut-up pieces of paper for our faces cards and our key card. We will also create a rule sheet to describe the rules and procedures of the game

Does limiting the descriptions to one-word interpretive (non-literal) physical descriptions make the game too difficult to enjoy?

This is an important question to answer because if the questions lead players to select the wrong characters repeatedly, the game will be over more quickly than intended. If the leader continues to give descriptions that can be widely interpreted, their team may choose the werewolf and end the game abruptly.

I think that limiting our description to one-word interpretive physical descriptions will make the game much more difficult at first. This may lead to each team accidentally choosing players for the other team. However, I also think that as players continue playing, they will have an easier time choosing these words.

Does having faces for the cards make players less likely to play again?

GuessWho can become boring because once a description is associated with a character, the same description can be used for later rounds. This is an important question to answer because choosing to stick with or leave this branch of our decision tree will affect our rules and procedures. The types of descriptions we allow will be informed by what is on the cards. I think that once an interpretive term is associated with a face, that term will be reused in later rounds.

How many faces should we include in the box and in the game so that descriptions can be applied to more than one?

This is important to identify because if there are not enough faces to allow for interpretive definitions to be widely applied, teams will continue guessing correctly and avoid risking helping their opponents. This will lead the game to end quickly. This can also happen if the faces are all very different. This is important also because it will reveal whether we should stick with our decision to allow leaders to say how faces their description applies to. I think that because we only have enough faces for one game and they are all different, leaders will rarely say a number besides 1 after their description. However, I do think that interpretive definitions will allow for mistakes and helping the other team, even if the faces are different.

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