Prototype Questions

Prototype questions


  1. What are the ‘nuggets of gold’ in this game?
    1. What are the mechanics that make people smile, and make them engaged in the game despite the other crap?
    2. Will need prototype to allow for as many different core mechanics as possible to find out what sticks
    3. Prediction: People will like the strategy involved in playing the game
  2. What are our incorrect assumptions?
    1. As game designers, we have a very biased view of our own games, which assumptions of how do not hold out?
    2. Prediction: The counterattack mechanism will not be received as balanced
  3. How much complexity is good for this game?
    1. In my mind, the game is not that complex at the moment. However, our preliminary rules sheet is quite long. Is it already too complex?
    2. Prediction: The rules themselves are quite intuitive, so once people get it, they kind of get it. Could use more variety

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